ChatGPT gimmick or an useful tool
ChatGPT gimmick or an useful tool

Is chatGPT a party trick or an essential business tool?

article by Ivan Yotov

The ChatGPT genie has been unleashed, boasting a massive user base of 100 million active monthly users. This large language model has demonstrated the demand for AI-based tools and services. However, the question remains: is it truly superior to Microsoft Clippy, that quirky assistant from Office 97? Is it merely a passing fad, entertaining us with parlor tricks, or should we seriously integrate it into our everyday work life?

ChatGPT exhibits versatility in generating various content types, from client emails to presentation outlines and even gym workout schedules. But amid the fascination with its perceived "power," one wonders if it truly belongs in professional content creation. Does it truly enhance content quality and save time, or does it merely churn out generic responses lacking substance?


Though it's too early to provide a comprehensive answer, some intriguing studies shed light on the matter. One recent study by NNGroup reveals ChatGPT's remarkable potential. It not only aids small-scale tasks but also significantly enhances productivity in marketing, customer support, and content creation. By reducing time spent on mundane tasks, ChatGPT frees up valuable time for more critical work, such as email drafting, content editing, brainstorming ideas, and even programming.


Interestingly, the research indicates that while task completion time decreases with ChatGPT, the human input in "polishing" the output increases. This suggests that ChatGPT accelerates the creation of initial drafts, allowing more time for the final creative touch—an analogy aptly dubbed "hyper eager interns." Another study by MIT delves into the effects of ChatGPT on mid-level professional writing tasks. It shows that ChatGPT substantially boosts average productivity, reduces task completion time, and improves output quality. Furthermore, usage of ChatGPT enhances job satisfaction and self-efficacy. However, a point of contention arises as some fear that AI could lead to the mass replacement of humans. Nevertheless, for now, it's evident that humans and AI work in tandem to produce high-quality content.


In summary, the research indicates that incorporating ChatGPT in professional settings increases productivity, content quality, and job satisfaction. If you haven't already embraced ChatGPT in your daily work life, now might be the opportune moment to explore how it can benefit you.


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