30 Years of Valerii S&M

Valerii S&M Group



A memorable anniversary

Over the past three decades, Valerii S&M AD has established itself as a leading distributor of high-quality brands On the Bulgarian market. For their 30th birthday, WE invited THEIR key partners and clients TO a boutique celebration at HYATT REGENCY Sofia.

Thematic elements that highlighted the company's diverse portfolio of products and emphasised its core values of quality, reliability, and safety served as an anchor point for the event concept. A delicate balance between professionalism and entertainment ensured all guests felt appreciated and valued by the hosts.

To mark the beginning of the celebration, thematic welcome drink installations featuring selected products from the company portfolio were positioned at the venue entrances. Hyatt Regency Sofia was meticulously decorated to create a sophisticated ambiance for the guests.

Once all guests were seated, a gourmet menu was served in the luxurious five-star atmosphere. Alongside the dining experience, an engaging program was designed to entertain the guests. Starting off with a presentation highlighting the company history, the program featured performances by renowned artists such as the jazz quartet Mihail Yosifov & Militsa Gladnishka, and the traditional Bulgarian dance ensemble SVETLINA.

With a captivating performance, Desi Dobreva later took over the stage, accompanied by the talented host Orlin Goranov.

30th anniversary celebration of Valerii S & M Group successfully honored the company's achievements and strengthened relationships with partners and clients. The event showcased the company's commitment to delivering high-quality products and services, while providing a memorable experience for all attendees.