And Just Like That

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The women of "Sex and the City"

The enduring appeal of Carrie Bradshaw as a character has been a significant factor in the success of the HBO original series. Our collaboration with Antonia Yordanova and the creation of custom-made scarves captured the attention of fans and elevated their excitement for the sequel series.

In the realm of television series premieres, creating anticipation and capturing the essence of beloved characters is essential. As the agency entrusted with promoting the launch of HBO Max's "And Just Like That...," a comedy-drama series and sequel to the iconic "Sex and the City," our objective was to generate buzz while staying true to the character of Carrie Bradshaw. To achieve that and generate buzz for the premiere across social media platforms, we collaborated with renowned Bulgarian designer and stylist Antonia Yordanova of KNAPP on the creation of an exclusive merch item that embodied Carrie's unrelenting love for fashion.

Matching the fashion-forward style of Carrie Bradshaw presented a challenge in itself. The goal was to develop a merch item worthy of being worn by the character herself, while capturing her essence and captivating fans. To achieve that, we turned to the expertise of Antonia Yordanova to infuse the products with a touch of high-end fashion.

With the expert help of a KNAPP expert, an item directly inspired by “And Just Like That...” was designed. A scene featuring the iconic character of Carrie Bradshaw walking the streets of New York City, adorned with multiple scarves and rubber gloves, served as the driving force behind the design concept.

The collaboration resulted in meticulously crafted unique fashion pieces in the form of scarves. Thus, Carrie Bradshaw's style was channeled while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Over a 100 PR packages were sent out to local influencers and journalists, resulting in immediate impact. Organic social media buzz was generated, creating excitement for the upcoming premiere of the “And Just Like That...” HBO Max original series.

And Just Like That...

This project stands out with the collaboration with Antonia Yordanova, a prominent figure in the Bulgarian fashion industry. The exclusive scarves, custom-made with meticulous attention to detail, epitomised the fashion-forward spirit of Carrie Bradshaw. The PR packages, carefully distributed to influencers and journalists, generated significant buzz on social media, further amplifying the excitement surrounding the series premiere.