Domaine Boyar 30th anniversary

Domaine Boyar

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Captivating Street Art and Exquisite Wine

In honor of Domaine Boyar's momentous 30th anniversary, our objective was to create a truly unforgettable celebration for the iconic winery.

We embarked on a project that showcased the power of art and wine, intertwining them to leave a lasting impression. Through a collaboration between Domaine Boyar and renowned graffiti artist Nassimo, the winery was transformed into an absolutely fabulous tourist attraction, featuring the largest graffiti art on the Balkans. This article highlights our journey in telling the story behind this magnificent artwork and converting it into a limited-edition wine brand, complemented by Domaine Boyar's finest red wine.

As with any ambitious project, we encountered challenges along the way. We aimed to create an event that would not only impress guests but also deepen their appreciation for the winery and its artistic endeavors.

Nassimo’s masterpiece

Domaine Boyar enlisted the talents of graffiti artist Nassimo to create a breathtaking mural named "Ember." The artwork adorned 11 vinifiers within the "Blue Rocks" cellar, covering an impressive area of over 1 acre (1000 sq.m). Each of the 12 separate works within the composition abstractly narrates the stages of wine's life, mirroring the journey of human existence. Nassimo's masterpiece carries a profound philosophical and spiritual message, showcasing the resilience of the human spirit and the ceaseless pursuit of joy and authenticity. It beautifully mirrors the love and dedication that Domaine Boyar pours into producing world-class, high-quality wines.

The execution of this ambitious project required Nassimo and his team to dedicate 45 days, painting for 10 hours a day. More than 600 liters of paint were used to bring this monumental artwork to life. To commemorate the occasion, we organized a media and partner event in the awe-inspiring Blue Rocks cellar, hosting up to 120 guests. The event commenced with a welcome drink and an exclusive tour of the winery, immersing guests in the rich history and artistry of Domaine Boyar. The tour concluded with a captivating performance by "The Orchestra of 100 Kaba Bagpipes". Throughout the event, guests were treated to a carefully curated selection of Domaine Boyar's finest wines. Furthermore, the winery launched a limited series called "Art in a Bottle," featuring the best harvest of vintage 2017.

As a parting gift, each guest received an autographed book by Nassimo, as well as a bottle of wine from the exclusive "Art in a Bottle" edition.

The event garnered significant attention from the press, resulting in numerous publications and media coverage. Domaine Boyar's transformation into a tourist destination for street art and wine enthusiasts firmly positioned the winery as a trailblazer in the industry. By showcasing the largest graffiti art project in Eastern Europe, Domaine Boyar underscored their commitment to innovation and solidified their leading position in the Bulgarian wine sector.

Key Takeaways

Throughout the project, we gleaned valuable insights and experiences. The seamless integration of art and wine proved to be a winning combination, sparking interest and engaging audiences on a deeper level. With art’s power of elevating and transforming the Domaine Boyar brand, a lasting impact that resonates with both existing and new audiences was created.

The collaboration with Nassimo, a highly acclaimed graffiti artist, served as the driving force behind this project's success. The scale and intricacy of the graffiti art make it a landmark achievement in Eastern Europe.