European Jazz Conference 2022

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Breaking New Ground

Co-organised by the Europe Jazz Network (EJN), supported by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture, Sofia Municipality, and the Creative Europe program of the European Union, the European jazz conference aimed AT unitING jazz enthusiasts and showcasing Bulgarian jazz talent.

The European Jazz Conference is a leading annual gathering of professionals from the jazz sector in Europe, in particular of promoters, cultural managers, agents and national/regional support organizations. What has been the General Assembly of the Europe Jazz Network, from 2014 has been expanded and is now open as well to any music professional under the name of European Jazz conference. (European Jazz Network, 2023)

The event combines inspiring speeches, high-level discussion groups and workshops, networking sessions, as well as a showcase festival of the best artists from the host country.

Originally scheduled for 2020 but postponed due to the pandemic, the conference marked a long-awaited celebration of jazz and the first-time gathering of music professionals in thе vibrant city of Sofia.

Hosting a multi-location, four-day event with over 300 attendees posed significant challenges. These included organising an artist showcase program featuring more than 20 bands and artists, coordinating accommodations and tourist activities for attendees, managing branding and logistics, and handling delegate registration and management.

Punctuality became a hallmark of the European Jazz Conference 2022. The seamless execution of the event's schedule, from start to finish, showcased our commitment to professionalism and respect for attendees' time. By maintaining precise timing and adhering to a well-designed program, we created an environment where participants could fully engage with the performances, discussions, and networking opportunities.

The Conference brought together 324 music professionals from 38 countries across Europe and beyond. For many attendees, it was their first visit to Bulgaria, providing a unique opportunity to explore the local music scene and traditions. Through the sharing of ideas, passions, and music, the event fostered a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among participants. Attendees were captivated by the vibrant jazz culture in Sofia, gaining a deeper appreciation for Bulgarian artists and their contributions to the global jazz community.

The European Jazz Conference 2022 served as a valuable learning experience, offering insights into the power of collaboration and the unifying nature of jazz. By providing a platform for professionals to connect and exchange ideas, the conference fostered new partnerships and artistic endeavors. The event highlighted the importance of punctuality and meticulous planning in ensuring the smooth execution of a multi-day conference.

The conference report, available at [link], provides a comprehensive overview of the European Jazz Conference 2022, capturing the essence of the event and its impact on participants. It showcases the collective passion for jazz, the diverse talent of Bulgarian artists, and the memorable moments that unfolded during the conference.