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Delivering Personalized Experiences

a memorable unboxing experience fOR journalists, influencers, public figures, actors, and PARTNERS. the transformation OF HBO Go INTO HBO Max left a lasting impact ON RECIPIENTS AND THEIR FOLLOWERS.

The approach and strategy revolved around capitalising on the anticipation and excitement that the audience had for receiving pr packages from HBO. The goal was to deliver something even more impressive and personalised than previous packages, creating a sense of delight and engagement among the recipients.

To achieve this, a key element of the creative execution was the size of the pr package. The box was deliberately designed to be enormous, prompting curiosity and anticipation from the recipients. Branded with selected titles from the HBO Max platform, the package instantly captured attention. Each recipient received a personal message with a special video greeting accessed through a QR code, further enhancing the personalised touch.

When the recipients opened the box, four helium balloons in the shape of a heart, branded with HBO Max, would pop up. This playful surprise added an element of joy to the unboxing experience. Prior to the delivery, recipients were invited to a special landing page where they could choose their favorite design to be printed on a custom phone case matching their device.

In addition to the personalised phone case, recipients also received a branded hoodie, a branded stainless steel bottle featuring the signature gradient of HBO Max, a greeting card with information about the new service, and a puff. All deliveries were executed by a dedicated team dressed in branded uniforms, further reinforcing the HBO Max identity.

The HBO Max launch campaign exceeded the expectations of all the friends, partners, influencers, and journalists involved. The personalized and direct experience created a buzz among recipients, generating excitement and driving the spread of news about the new streaming service. The campaign successfully conveyed the transformation from HBO Go to HBO Max and left a lasting impact on the recipients.

The HBO Max launch campaign successfully spread the news about the new streaming service and solidified the transformation from HBO Go to HBO Max in the minds of influencers, journalists, and partners. The project highlighted the importance of meticulous logistics, especially when dealing with a large number of customized deliveries within a short timeframe.