House of the Dragon Launch campaign

Warner Bros. Discovery

brand communication




18 - 22/08/2022

Fire Will Reign

With a total of 9 events, the AWARD-WINNING house of the dragon launch activities included open-air on-spot activations in 3 of the biggest cities in Bulgaria with the presence of A 5,6 meters long dragon skull, created in Bulgaria exclusively for the aims of the launch.

In collaboration with HBO Max, we embarked on a thrilling journey to launch the highly anticipated series "House of the Dragon". The objective was to provide audiences with a unique and immersive experience that would bring the fantastical world of Westeros to them. The goal was to bring the show narrative to life even before a single episode was out. By creating anticipation and fostering a sense of connection, we aimed at generating interest and subscriptions for HBO Max.

The campaign commenced with a teaser event at a secluded beach near Varna, Bulgaria. Local influencers were given exclusive access to witness the awe-inspiring giant dragon skull and create captivating content for their social media platforms. This content served as a teaser, establishing a connection between the Dragon Skull activation, the show, and the HBO Max brand.

Building anticipation, the Dragon Skull traveled to the city centers of three major Bulgarian cities, allowing the public to delve into the House of the Dragon atmosphere. Visitors had the opportunity to take pictures with the dragon skull, learn more about the prequel, and discover how to subscribe to HBO Max. Local influencers amplified awareness by participating at each location, sparking nationwide buzz and igniting the curiosity of citizens.

A moment of exclusivity awaited 150 influencers and journalists at the iconic Square 500, part of the National Gallery of Bulgaria. They were invited for a private streaming of the first episode of House of the Dragon, four days ahead of its official premiere on HBO Max. Concurrently, fan screenings were organized at Arena The Mall, enabling dedicated fans to watch the episode on the big screen.

As a result

The Dragon Skull campaign achieved remarkable results and had a significant impact on generating excitement for “House of the Dragon”:

A total of 25,000 people directly engaged with the live interactions at the open-air spots, experiencing a piece of Westeros and witnessing the magnificent dragon skull.

Indirect engagement reached over 150,000 people through social media interactions generated by influencers during the open-air Skull tour.

Approximately 25% of the attracted visitors were not fans of the original show or HBO Max users, expanding the platform's user base and introducing a new audience to the series.

Social media conversations surrounding the launch were predominantly positive, successfully differentiating House of the Dragon as a distinct show.

The exclusive premiere event witnessed over 90% of guests sharing their experiences on social media, resulting in an average accumulated reach of more than 1 million and building anticipation for the official premiere on HBO Max.

A Bright Award

The Dragon Skull project was honored with the Silver prize in the “Launch or Special Event” category at the prestigious Bright Awards, organized by the Bulgarian Association of PR Agencies. This recognition highlights the campaign's excellence and its ability to captivate audiences with a memorable live experience.

We extend our gratitude to HBO Max for their trust and collaboration, and are thrilled to have contributed to the outstanding performance of House of the Dragon on the streaming platform, both locally and globally.