House of the Dragon: PR Packages

Warner Bros. Discovery

brand communication



Fire Will Reign

as part of the launch campaign for the highly anticipated series "House of the dragon”, 200 PR packages were custom designed, assembled, and delivered to local influencers, journalists, and PUBLic figures in time for the premiere of the pilot episode.

Each package consisted of a beautifully crafted wooden box containing a 3D-printed miniature of the iconic dragon skull used in House of the Dragon, a branded T-shirt in the size of the recipient, as wll as a postcard encouraging the fans to spread the word about the series’ premiere on HBO Max.

Dragon skull miniatures were custom made for the aims of the premiere.


According to the client’s report, 90% of the PR package recipients shared their experience with their social media followers, marking a successful launch of House of the Dragon series. The organic nature of the influencers' posts and stories boosted the reach and engagement, further amplifying the series' visibility and driving audience interest.