Manuka&Kanuka Honey


brand communication

05 - 20/01/2021

Natural elegance from Australia

PRODUCT DESIGN that alignS with THE product's essence and the aspirations of its target audience. A HONEY COLLECTION OF luxurious nature AND exceptional health-enhancing properties.

The objective of our collaboration with IVB Cosmetics on the NATURABLOOM project was to establish a brand identity and product labels for their manuka and kanuka honey range. By brief, the final result aimed at communicating the exceptional helth benefits of the product, while staying in line with the current luxurious look and feel of the brand.

Striking a delicate balance between conveying the natural elegance of these honeys and ensuring that they stood out amidst other offerings in the market paid a crucial role in the design process. The innate qualities of the manuka and kanuka trees and their white blossom served as key inspiration in the process of achieving a sense of natural beauty and femininity.

Combining these elements helped achieving a brand identity that resonated with the consumer’s desire for wellness and indulgence.

Leveraging our expertise in design and branding, we developed label designs that seamlessly embodied the elegance and exclusivity of manuka and kanuka honey. Through the meticulous selection of typography, delicate illustrations, and a sophisticated colour palette, we managed to convey a sense of premium quality and alluring aesthetics.

Beyond expectations

The label designs effectively captured the essence of the honey variants and resonated deeply with consumers, garnering attention and instilling trust in the exceptional quality and health benefits of Natura Bloom's products.

The packaging stood out among similar products on the shelves as a testament to the brand's commitment to both luxury and wellness.

NATURABLOOM’s success underscored the importance of IVB Cosmetics’s trust and collaborative efforts and our commitment to excellence.