Plant Inauguration

BA Glass



Wrap Dreams Beyond Packaging

In 2022, the biggest producer of glass containers destined for the food and beverage industry IN EUROPE ba glass invested more than 60 million bgn into the local plant. we had the pleasure of welcoming the 120 guests to the inauguration event at the warehouse in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Putting safety first, the event took place in the Sofia plant where all guests were walked through the production process prior to the official ceremony. The guests’ journey was planned with the help of the international team at BA and customised for the cause of the event. 
To enhance the visitors’ experience, we covered the current warehouses with images from the production process. Additionally, temporary display boards were installed to mark the trace.

Each of the 120 guests received 
a gift bag and a set of two snacks in a glass jars: hand-crafted chocolates and foie gras.

Spatial design

To immerse the guests in the BA Glass atmosphere, we organised the warehouse with the help of pallets of BA bottles illuminated with special lightning and spotlights projecting the logo. Transparent “Ghost” chairs reinforced the glass-themed design concept, allowing the stage to take centre of attention. In addition, an installation of stainless steel and glass was custom built to tell the 100 years story of the company.

Thank you BA Glass for trusting us on your big day and thank you to all the guests who attended the inauguration!