Room 102

Bozhana Katzarova


brand communication


More than just a culinary manual

"Room 102" is an extraordinary culinary book authored by Bozhana Katzarova, the esteemed winner of Masterchef Bulgaria season 3. Developed in collaboration with, a leading online grocery store, the book's objective is to captivate and inspire cooking enthusiasts.

Our team undertook the challenge of meeting a short deadline while exceeding client and author expectations, with the aim of driving sales before the Christmas season. Through a comprehensive marketing campaign, we sought to showcase Bozhana's exceptional recipes, her culinary approach, and her infectious attitude as a chef. With a strong presence across multiple media channels, а broad audience was successfully reached, achieving outstanding results.

A limited timeframe required us to work diligently to meet the client's expectations and launch the book successfully before the Christmas season. Our team had to ensure efficient coordination, content creation, and strategic planning to maximise the impact of the campaign.

We emphasised the unique advantages of Bozhana Katzarova’s recipes and highlighted her remarkable culinary approach, coupled with her infectious passion as a chef. To achieve widespread visibility, we employed a comprehensive strategy that included strong out-of-home (OOH) presence, supplemented by extensive radio advertising coverage and robust PR activities across leading media platforms such as TV, radio, and print.

>1,400,000 impressions

The campaign was further amplified through the joint efforts of Bozhana and's online channels, reaching over 1,400,000 impressions and generating more than 800 conversations on the online store.

Our creative execution focused on developing captivating designs that aligned with Bozhana's unique style and culinary approach. We strived to transform the book into more than just a culinary manual; it became a lifestyle bible that resonated with a vast audience of both hobby cooks and avid fans of Bozhana. Through meticulous content curation, engaging visuals, and compelling storytelling, we aimed to immerse readers in Bozhana's culinary world. Furthermore, Bozhana attended several events to personally present her book, forging connections with fans and potential readers.