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01 - 24/06/2023

In honour of life, nature, and wine

Santa Sarah FAMILY Wine Estate is a self-contained ecosystem, located on a scenic hill in the midst of vineyards, where flora, fauna, and WINE EXPERTS work together in balance. SANTA SARAH SPECIALISES IN craft wines, grown with sustainable practices in a pure microclimate.

After more than two decades of cultivating their own vineyards and developing quality craft wine, Santa Sarah contacted us with a request for the creation of a trilingual custom website. The goal of the project was to tell the Santa Sarah story and present the estate and portfolio to wine enthusiasts across the world.

Step by step

Based entirely on the wine estate philosophy, our teams developed a minimalistic design approach that could emphasise on the brand’s authenticity and care for every aspect of the process. Consisting of three main colours, simple shapes and two typefaces, the website identity allowed for the beautiful wine estate images, wine, and diaries to “win” the hearts of its online visitors.

In order to tell everything about Santa Sarah and still make it easy for anyone to navigate, we developed a website architecture divided into four main categories - Wine estate, Our wine, Contact us, and About us. Subcategories helped us highlight hot topics, allowing direct access to pages dedicated to potential partners: Become a partner, or those interested in visiting the estate: Experiences.

The Santa Sarah wine estate is special not just for its wine, but also for its unique team of wine enthusiasts who take care of the vineyards every day. The Santa Sarah family has spent decades mastering their process and want to share that passion with anyone interested in the field. That is why the Wine diary page was developed. It takes the website visitors closer to the wine estate, allowing them to learn more about the stages from grapevines tying, to harvest.

And while at this stage of the project, the website does not include an online shop, showcasing the Santa Sarah wine remains the most important page where visitors could learn more about the products and convert to clients. Considering the wine estate is currently not among the most recognisable in Bulgaria, we had to make sure that those who came to the website, would recognise the Santa Sarah wine when they see it on the shelves.

The Our wine page was designed around two key elements: the story of each wine and its bottle. A short description serves as a teaser for the user to click and learn all about a certain wine, while a custom animation pops up the corresponding bottle at the centre of the page. Thus, we manage to grab the attention of those who gravitate towards images, and text at the same time.

Age policy

Knowing the Santa Sarah website is accessible from different countries, we had to make sure that an age policy was incorporated. We featured an age consent form at the very opening of the website that would allow access to only those of age 18+.


This project marks a very important milestone in Santa Sarah’s journey. Having worked for over two decades on mastering their fine wines, this website is the first step towards reaching bigger audiences. Cheers to the Santa Sarah team and don’t forget to visit!